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Berek and Hacker's Gynecologic Oncology-6판
Berek and Hacker..
판매가: 50,000
저자: Berek
Pocketradiologist Obstetrics-1판
판매가: 10,000
저자: Woodward
The Washington Manual of Critical Care-1판
The Washington M..
판매가: 20,000
저자: Kollef
The Washington Manual of Bedside Procedures-1판
The Washington M..
판매가: 20,000
저자: James freer MD
The Washington Manual of Outpatient Internal Medicine-2판
The Washington M..
판매가: 30,000
저자: DeFer
Urogenital Ultrasound : Text and Atlas
Urogenital Ultra..
판매가: 50,000
저자: Cochlin
판매가: 30,000
저자: novi
Williams Gynecology Study Guide-3판
Williams Gynecol..
판매가: 30,000
저자: Claudia Werner
Troubleshooting and Problem-Solving in the IVF Laboratory
Troubleshooting ..
판매가: 30,000
저자: Elder
Gynecologic Oncology-1판 (온라인 Video수술동영상포함)
Gynecologic Onco..
판매가: 150,000
저자: Hatch
REI-Reproductive, Endocrinology and Infertility (온라인 Video수술동영상포함)
판매가: 150,000
저자: Nakajima
혈관접근 (혈액투석을 위한 혈관수술)
혈관접근 (혈액투석을 위한 혈..
판매가: 50,000
저자: 김도균(역)
Urinary and Fecal Incontinence: An Interdisciplinary Approach
Urinary and Feca..
판매가: 40,000
저자: Becker
미용피부성형시술의 외래진료지침서
미용피부성형시술의 외래진료지침..
판매가: 60,000
저자: 김형문
우리집 운동닥터
우리집 운동닥터
판매가: 10,000
저자: 아산병원스포츠건강의학팀
Sclerotherapy and Vein Treatment-2판
Sclerotherapy an..
판매가: 30,000
저자: Weiss
판매가: 70,000
저자: 서울대학교의과대학산부인과학..
에스테틱 안티에이징 솔루션
에스테틱 안티에이징 솔루션
판매가: 45,000
저자: 안성구 외 역
Colonoscopy: Principles and Practice
Colonoscopy: Pri..
판매가: 175,000
저자: Waye
임상골반저초음파검사(질초음파, 항문초음파, 방광초음파)
판매가: 50,000
저자: 이사라,김광준
비만대사수술의 요점과 맹점
비만대사수술의 요점과 맹점
판매가: 30,000
저자: 강세훈,김경우,김갑중
항문질환의 진료(치질) - 수술그림과 동영상 (2009 우수학술도서 선정)
항문질환의 진료(치질) - 수..
판매가: 40,000
저자: 이석환 역
판매가: 30,000
저자: 대한배뇨장애요실금학회 역
여성요실금 임상매뉴얼
여성요실금 임상매뉴얼
판매가: 20,000
저자: 벨라쥬연구소
요역동학검사 아틀라스
요역동학검사 아틀라스
판매가: 30,000
저자: 대한배뇨장애요실금학회 역
Greenfield's Surgery-6판
Greenfield's Sur..
판매가: 50,000
저자: Mulholland
Congenital Mullerian Anomalies: Diagnosis and Management-1판
Congenital Mulle..
판매가: 50,000
저자: Pfeifer
    Greenfield's Surgery-6판
Greenfield's Surgery-6판
       판매가 : 240,00050,000
       적립금 : 1,000
       저   자 : Mulholland
       역   자 :
       출판사 : LWW
    ISBN(13) : 9781469890012
       발행일 : 2016-12-05  /   6판   /   2090 페이지
       상품코드 : 25834
       수 량 :

Revised, updated, and enhanced from cover to cover, the Sixth Edition of Greenfield Surgery: Scientific Principles
and Practice remains the gold standard text in the field of surgery. It reflects surgery rapid changes, new
technologies, and innovative techniques, integrating new scientific knowledge with evolving changes in surgical care.
Updates to this edition include new editors and contributors, and a greatly enhanced visual presentation. Balancing
scientific advances with clinical practice, Greenfield Surgery is an invaluable resource for today residents and
practicing surgeons.

Key Features:Features enhanced, full-color illustrations, clinical photographs, key teaching points, and decision-
making algorithms for quick reference to key information.
Covers general scientific principles such as inflammation, shock, nutrition, pain management, and much more, followed
by surgical practice chapters arranged by organ system.
Introduces two new editors, Hasan Alam, MD and Timothy Pawlik, MD, who bring a fresh perspective and vision to this
classic reference.
Showcases the scientific and clinical expertise of more than 200 contributing authors, each an active practitioner in
the field of surgery.
Includes two new chapters on Obesity and Preoperative Risk Assessment.
eBook version features over 40 "Morbidity and Mortality" case discussions and an Interactive Quesiton Bank with nearly
900 questions
Now with the print edition, enjoy the bundled interactive eBook edition, which can be downloaded to your tablet and
smartphone or accessed online and includes features like:Complete content with enhanced navigation
Powerful search tools and smart navigation cross-links that pull results from content in the book, your notes, and even
the web
Cross-linked pages, references, and more for easy navigation
Highlighting tool for easier reference of key content throughout the text
Ability to take and share notes with friends and colleagues

Table of contents

1 Lifelong Learning 3
Gurjit Sandhu and Rebecca M. Minter

2 Principles of Intermediary Metabolism 8
Steven E. Raper

3 Surgical Nutrition and Metabolism 20
George Kasotakis

4 Obesity and Metabolic Disease 42
Robert W. Oourke and Michael W. Mulholland

5 Wound Healing 54
Rajiv Chandawarkar and Michael J. Miller

6 Hemostasis 69
Peter K. Henke and Thomas W. Wakefield

7 Inflammation 86
Matthew R. Rosengart and Timothy R. Billiar

8 Surgical Infections 128
Lena M. Napolitano

9 Shock 147
Joseph Cuschieri and Darren Bowe

10 Critical Care 167
Damon Clark and Heidi Frankel

11 Fluids, Electrolytes, and Acidbase Balance 192
Richard B. Wait, M. George DeBusk, and Jeffry Nahmias

12 Burns 214
Benjamin Levi, Mark R. Hemmila, and Stewart C. Wang

13 Anesthesiology and Pain Management 241
Sachin Kheterpal and Michael R. Mathis

14 Oncology 265
Adam C. Yopp and John C. Mansour

15 Preoperative Risk Assessment 289
Pauline Park

16 Measuring the Quality of Surgical Care 313
Justin B. Dimick and John Birkmeyer

17 Policy Approaches to Improving Surgical
Quality 319

John D. Birkmeyer and Justin B. Dimick
18 Patient Safety 323

Darrell A. Campbell, Jr.
19 Trauma and Trauma Care: General

Considerations 335
Hasan B. Alam

20 Prehospital and New Advances in Resuscitation 352
John R. Taylor III, John B. Holcomb, and Bryan A. Cotton

21 Head Trauma 360
Phiroz E. Tarapore, Geoffrey T. Manley, and Randall M. Chesnut

22 Maxillofacial Injuries 376
Batya R. Goldwaser, Leonard B. Kaban, and Maria J. Troulis

23 Neck Injuries 386
Thomas M. Scalea

24 Thoracic Trauma 394
Marc de Moya and George Velmahos

25 Abdominal Trauma 403
Kenji Inaba, Elizabeth Benjamin, and Demetrios Demetriades

26 Genitourinary Trauma 423
Hunter Wessells

27 Vascular Trauma 432
Adriana Laser, Shahab Toursavadkohi, and Todd E. Rasmussen

28 The Principles of Orthopedic Surgery for Trauma 444
Raymond Malcolm Smith

29 Pediatric Trauma 456
Elizabeth S. Soukup and Peter T. Masiakos

30 Geriatric Trauma 473
Carlos V.R. Brown, Zara Cooper, and Ali Salim

31 Trauma in Pregnancy 481
Felix Y. Lui and Kimberly A. Davis

32 Postinjury Management 488
Bellal Joseph and Peter Rhee

33 Environmental Injuries 496
J. Patrick Walker and Gregory J. Jurkovich

34 Clinical Transplant Immunology 518
Amit K. Mathur and Satish N. Nadig

35 Organ Procurement and Preservation 530
Michael J. Englesbe

36 Renal Transplantation 541
Chris Freise and Peter Stock

37 Hepatic Transplantation 552
Theodore H. Welling

38 Cardiac Transplantation 575
Richard N. Pierson III

39 Pulmonary Transplantation 587
Jules Lin and Andrew C. Chang

40 Pancreas and Islet Transplantation 608
Randall S. Sung

41 Head and Neck 629
J. Kenneth Byrd and Robert L. Ferris

42 Esophageal Anatomy and Physiology and Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease 644
Daniel S. Oh and Steven R. DeMeester

43 Esophageal Tumors and Injury 687
Jonathan D묬unha and James D. Luketich

44 Gastric Anatomy and Physiology 712
Michael W. Mulholland

45 Gastroduodenal Ulceration 725
Michael W. Mulholland

46 Management of Obesity 738
Robert W. O뭃ourke

47 Gastric Neoplasms 754
Hari Nathan and Rebecca M. Minter

48 Anatomy and Physiology of the Small Intestine 770
E. Ramsay Camp, Kevin F. Staveley-O묬arroll, Niraj J. Gusani, Jussuf T. Kaifi, and Eric T. Kimchi

49 Ileus and Bowel Obstruction 782
David I. Soybel and Ariel P. Santos

50 Crohn Disease 809
Scott R. Steele and Eric K. Johnson

51 Small Bowel Tumors 827
Steven G. Leeds and James W. Fleshman

52 Pancreas Anatomy and Physiology 840
Taylor S. Riall

53 Acute Pancreatitis 859
Jason S. Gold and Edward E. Whang

54 Chronic Pancreatitis 870
Katherine A. Morgan and David B. Adams

55 Neoplasms of Exocrine Pancreas 879
Attila Nakeeb, Michael G. House, and Keith D. Lillemoe

56 Neoplasms of the Endocrine Pancreas 899
Harish Lavu, Jonathan R. Brody, and Charles J. Yeo

57 Hepatobiliary Anatomy 914
Richard D. Schulick and Trevor L. Nydam

58 Hepatic Infection and Acute Liver Failure 930
Andrew Cameron and Christine Durand

59 Cirrhosis and Portal Hypertension 943
Michael R. Marvin, Robert M. Cannon, and Jean C. Emond

60 Hepatic Neoplasms 975
Junichi Shindoh and Jean-Nicolas Vauthey

61 Calculous Biliary Disease 996
D. Kooby, J. Winer, and K. Cardona

62 Biliary Injuries and Strictures and Sclerosing Cholangitis 1015
Chad G. Ball and Keith D. Lillemoe

63 Biliary Neoplasms 1033
Kaitlyn J. Kelly, Yuman Fong, and Sharon Weber

64 Colon and Rectal Anatomy and Physiology 1051
Sandy H. Fang and Elizabeth C. Wick

65 Acute Gastrointestinal Hemorrhage 1063
Jason S. Mizell and Richard H. Turnage

66 Ulcerative Colitis 1082
Dorin Colibaseanu and David Larson

67 Colonic Polyps and Polyposis Syndromes 1093
Robert S. Bresalier and C. Richard Boland

68 Colorectal Cancer 1117
Julio Garcia-Aguilar

69 Diverticular Disease 1161
Lauren Kosinski, Kirk Ludwig, and Mary Otterson

70 Anorectal Disorders 1172
David J. Maron and Steven D. Wexner

71 Diseases of Appendix 1199
Edward A. Levine and Nathan Mowery

72 Abdominal Wall Hernias 1212
Robert J. Fitzgibbons, Jr., Thomas H. Quinn, and Devi Mukkai Krishnamurty

73 The Spleen 1262
Giorgos C. Karakousis and Douglas L. Fraker

74 Breast Disease 1291
Thanh U. Barbie and William E. Gillanders

75 Thyroid Gland 1340
David T. Hughes and Paul G. Gauger

76 Parathyroid Glands 1361
Gerard M. Doherty

77 Adrenal Gland 1383
John A. Olson, Jr. and Douglas J. Turner

78 Pituitary Surgery 1402
Brooke Swearingen and Nicholas A. Tritos

79 Lung Neoplasms 1417
Andrew C. Chang and Jules Lin

80 Non-Neoplastic Thoracic Disease 1446
Rishindra M. Reddy

81 Congenital Heart Disease 1481
Jennifer C. Hirsch-Romano, Richard G. Ohye, and Edward L. Bove

82 Valvular Heart Disease and Cardiac Tumors 1505
Tomislav Mihaljevic, Craig M. Jarrett, Husain AlQattan, Shehab AlAnsari, Haris Riaz, Marijan Koprivanac, and A. Marc

83 Ischemic Heart Disease 1519
Jonathan W. Haft

84 Mechanical Circulatory Support for Cardiac Failure 1540
Gordan Samoukovic and Francis D. Pagani

85 Thoracic Aortic Aneurysms and Aortic Dissection 1562
Ravi K. Ghanta and Gorav Ailawadi

86 Pericardium 1575
Jules Lin

87 Vascular Diagnostics: The Noninvasive Vascular Laboratory 1584
Gregory L. Moneta

88 Vascular Infection 1609
Jayer Chung and J. Gregory Modrall

89 Cerebrovascular Disease 1622
Martyn Knowles and Carlos H. Timaran

90 Upper Extremity Arterial Disease 1638
Heron E. Rodriguez

91 Renal and Splanchnic Vascular Disease 1648
Dawn M. Coleman, John E. Rectenwald, and Gilbert R. Upchurch, Jr.

92 Aortoiliac Disease 1672
Loay S. Kabbani, Mitchell R. Weaver, and Alexander D. Shepard

93 Peripheral Arterial Disease 1686
William P. Robinson

94 Lower Extremity Amputation 1704
Matthew J. Sideman, Kevin E. Taubman, and Bradley D. Beasley

95 Thoracoabdominal Aortic Aneurysms 1717
Hazim J. Safi, Anthony L. Estrera, Charles C. Miller III, Kristofer M. Charlton-Ouw, Dianna Milewicz, and Ali Azizzadeh

96 Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms 1732
Adam W. Beck, Kristina M. Giles, and Thomas S. Huber

97 Lower Extremity Aneurysms 1768
Amy B. Reed

98 Venous Disease 1777
Thomas W. Wakefield and Michael C. Dalsing

99 Fetal, Neonatal, and Pediatric Physiology 1805
Samir K. Gadepalli and George B. Mychaliska

100 Fetal Intervention 1827
George B. Mychaliska and Darrell L. Cass

101 Pediatric Head and Neck 1837
Laura L. Neff and Reza Rahbar

102 The Pediatric Chest 1844
Mary C. Santos and Robert E. Cilley

103 Pediatric Abdomen 1870
Thomas T. Sato and Marjorie J. Arca

104 Pediatric Genitourinary System 1933
John M. Park and Julian Wan

105 Childhood Tumors 1947
Erika Adams Newman

106 The Pregnant Patient 1975
Juan Martinez-Poyer and N. Scott Adzick

107 Cutaneous Neoplasms 1991
Michael S. Sabel, Timothy M. Johnson, and Christopher K. Bichakjian

108 Sarcomas of Soft Tissue and Bone 2010
Sandra L. Wong

109 Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery 2031
Christian J. Vercler, David L. Brown, Steven R. Buchman, Paul S. Cederna, Kevin C. Chung, Jeffrey H. Kozlow, William
M. Kuzon, Jr., Adeyiza O. Momoh, and Edwin G. Wilkins

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